StaaViinsZ's Snappeas In The Poke


StaaViinsZ is a complete NUT with WAY too many websites.

He does have abit of a web presence, searching for him in google(After clicking that you really do mean StaaViinsZ) will bring up many pages, some his personal sites, others simply profiles, and a few "Gametracker" listings... No idea how they got that from Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

He Owns at least 50 PC Video Games, and 11 Console Video Games, along with a whole host of Shareware and freeware (Even a few Fulls) DOS PC Games (Digitally)

StaaViinsZ has several "Books", Which in reality are more like Novelas, with some being more similar to a Small Pamphlet.

On his other blog, (Kitten Galaxy) he hosts several nonsense postings every... Now and then?

With too many sayings to count, He continues to constantly say "Poke", "Van Camp" "Time To Slice", and others, of which most are now related to poking the nose... What Poke does that make? Sense. Whatever. It's all the same. Constantly "Poke Parodying" Songs, He continues to defie logic by writing the most non-sensical things that anyone could possibly think of... It DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, NUTS! Ain't no Joke! I don't Poke! And that's a Joke. 

Craptact Me!

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